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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My brother and his family were in town ALL together first the first time in 4 years, on their way to his new assignment in Washington.  And because you can never give 100% faith in what to expect in the Army, we went from thinking we had another week with them in town when he had cut his trip short to arrive on post earlier than expected.  It was seriously a whirlwind of a couple days after he got the news.  In that time, we crammed in a last minute session with his family since they haven't had pictures since he first enlisted, which is about 7 years ago.  Since he's a career military officer, there's always a giant question mark when they'll be able to be back in Arizona again as a family.

The best part is we figured out the wardrobe from what Vince had with him (sweater, button down and khakis are his staple pieces) and we pulled Kari and the girls outfits from my closets.  Basically, all they had to do was show up, have fun and I got a couple hours of alone time with them.

My brother is a big goof, and his oldest daughter was getting a little silly too.  Which I loved seeing since she's typically reserved, but showed off her fun and silly side.
Yep, that's me….it's true, I'm in a picture and my goal this year is to be in pictures more.  Just a little sibling love captured below…and a little prom posing going on. 


Kristi DiSilvestro said...

AMAZING as always!!! LOVE love love!!! :)

NP said...

It's so Great to see Vince and family together ~ pictures are the second best thing if I can't see them in person! They turned out GREAT and of course I'm thrilled that you are in the pictures with Vince!!! LYG, N