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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The outtake below is HANDS DOWN my favorite outtake ever!  Absolutely hysterical!
Below is usually what is happening during a session. And these parents did exactly what helps…just smiling and embracing the chaos.  It's that attitude that makes my job easy.
Every session that is posted, and the edited galleries, give the impression that the session was a breeze, easy, dreamy and nothing but having fun.  But what you don't see are the antics that go on behind the scenes to keep the little children entertained, especially the toddlers.  Even though the craziness to help the kids stay in one spot, laughing, patient, or interested means doing just about anything. Yep, actually there isn't much that hasn't been done.  It ends up being more entertainment for the parents to see grown adults having no shame and willing to do anything for THAT picture.  This session we happened to have a dog near by that we used to entertain the 18 month old.  My friend held the dog on my head, ran with it back and forth pretending it was tickling, etc.  Eventually we had to let the little guy get some snuggling time since the dog was bribery.  Yep….didn't use candy…we used a dog.  I swear, we will do anything for smiles at a session when a toddler's involved.

Here is sweet Fifi getting little boy loving.


Nancy Proffitt said...

Too cute ~ love the outtakes of course ;) LYG,