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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yes, leave it to me to set a goal on when to have these pictures posted and have it officially done over a week later.  BUT, I will write that I'm proud that I'm impressing myself with how I'm sticking to my new daily schedule with the ULTIMATE goal of being somewhat organized and feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

After deciding on the chore chart for our kids, we made a plan that each month the kids would have chores listed that we would like to see as habits for them....basically for the chores to become second nature.  Since it takes about 21 days to start a habit...we're hoping the kids will have a few more great habits!

Their chore charts are clipped to their personal 'brag boards' that they can hang pictures they love, assignments, drawings and what ever their little  heart desires.  Our house has one big hallway to all the bedrooms and connecting to the main room of our house.  The kitchen opens up to the hallway, which is where we hung their 'brag boards' since it's the one place in our house that we always see with the kitchen being the most popular place in our house.

Easton's board isn't as busy as the twins but I know once he starts kindergarten I'll lose that extra space that I clip the, 'what nots' and what I need to be reminded of.  

After searching and finding seriously incredible chore systems, I decided on this chore chart for the's easy peasy, lemon squeezy for me to print out.   Who doesn't love easy?  I'm not shy about benefiting from another creative genius doing the work for me and generous enough to share it for anyone to download and use.

I have the chart downloaded on my computer and print out on Sunday night.  Since taking these pictures, I've started personalizing the charts. The creative genius, Bekah from Pinch A Little Save A Lot , designed the charts with the option to type out the chores and 
personal with a name before printing. 

In case you didn't see the earlier blog post on chores,  you can find the link to the chore chart

And, JUST in case our kids were dreaming of doing chores during their free time...we added a 
'Work For Hire' space on Easton's board.  We have four jobs that the kids can choose to do or not to do, but behind each job card is $1.00 they can have after they've finished the job.

You can find the explanation for the 'Work For Hire' board 

If you're feeling in the overachieving mood, the entire blog post that has this board idea is brilliant and so efficient. But, I'm not overachieving and just in survival mode.
I found this idea to be realistic for me and our family.

The last and final brilliant idea I'm using to get our house a little more organized, 
a toy has been removed notice.   

I have these signs printed out and put on their bed when I've picked up one of their toys that they've left around the house.  It's the toys that we step on at night when all the lights are off.  You know, those toys that when you step on them feel like a dull dagger was shoved into your foot and leaving you hoping around on one leg while you hold that foot and fighting back screaming profanity caused only by pain.  Yep, those toys!

After they find the sign on their bed, I have an envelope that has all the tedious chore options they can pick from to get the toy back that was left out.  Just to be clear though, when I decided on the chores for them to choose...I didn't pick them to be tedious so it's painful, I just wrote out the things that are needed to get done in their bedrooms and toy room. I picked chores that didn't benefit anyone but them. 

-sort out legos
-organize books on shelf
sort toys in the toy room
-clean the toothpaste off the sink
-wash the dog food dishes
-organize clothes hanging in your closet
-fold and organize clothes in the dresser
-organize Barbie clothes
-organize Barbies
-vacuum your closet floor
-clean the toy kitchen and organize play food

I hope this detailed post on what is working for my family is helpful for you or gives you a few ideas for what might work for your family.  If not, Pinterest has an overload amount of options, which is never good for this mom with A.D.D.  The possibilities are seriously overwhelming and brilliant at the same time.


Nancy Proffitt said...

You are doing such a great job with all of this Tami!!! Way to go! LYG, N