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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I made my heart smile BIG yesterday when I picked up Easton and found him smiling ear to ear.  Easton is star student and that is such a special feeling for kids.  He brought home a fun little bag that had the classroom pet, baby bear.  But when Easton saw him, he said he was a wolf.  He was thrilled.

After class we went to the pet store for a little fun field trip...which was like taking him the zoo.  It's funny, him seeing a turtle in a cage is just as fun as seeing a tiger at the zoo.  

On our way to the pet store, Easton was telling me all about his new friend, Wolf.  My favorite was that Wolf doesn't like girls.  That wolf karate chops all girls.  Aye aye aye, all about boy power.

Here is Easton with his new little friend Wolf.  We're still trying to help  him understand that he only gets him for the week and then he goes home with another friend from school.  When we first told him, he cried and cried.  Here's to hoping it goes easy when he has to give Wolf back.


Nancy Proffitt said...

What beautiful pictures of our sweet little guy!

Cheela said...

He is a star student--just like his dad was when he was in my class!!