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Friday, November 9, 2012

Sharing a family that I adore, they're part of our soccer family.  Our daughters have played soccer together for 3 seasons and we've enjoyed getting to know them over the seasons.  We're very lucky to have great families to see twice a week.
This family is the kind that is 100% real.  The real kind of family that what you see is what you get.  They are all about fun, loving their girls, laughing, and just all around good people.  My favorite is when families don't put on this fake front, as though they never get frustrated with their children and life is always looked at through rose colored classes.    As a mom that lives life with out a filter, I love being able to be around families and feel that allowance to get irritated with my children (yes, I do get irritated with my darlings), have bad days and have my moments that I just want to be quiet.  And don't happen to mind when I'm showing up to practice looking like I haven't looked in the mirror in weeks, especially during the busy season.
They had contacted me about a session in May.  I'm always flattered when families decide to invest in my photography, whether their friends or not.  And while I was honored, I was taken back after I had posted a sneak peek on my Facebook page and the mother had called me squealing with excitement about the picture.  She then shared with me that just days after the session, they were celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary and this session was the present to eachother.  THIS gave me goosebumps and left me even more speechless, me? little love for photography?... was a gift they were giving eachother.  Wow, how do I respond to that?

And now, enjoy the complete and utter fun this family has with eachother.  Along with them allowing their daughters to just be themselves, embracing how they were feeling at that moment and still smiling through it. Smiling because their life will never be as it is today...and embracing it. 

The picture below just makes me laugh.  The oldest sister is quite the little comedian, with jazz hands and all...she would do random poses for me.  I just giggled when she gave them this peaceful loving look ALL on her own.  She seriously is entertainment.