My Little boy isn't SO little anymore | Personal

Thursday, August 9, 2012

This week has been a big week in the Proffitt house!  Our son Easton started preschool!  I'm still in a little denial that he's grow up!  I wonder where the last three years have gone.  

The only comfort for my husband and I is knowing that he was very ready for preschool.  With his two older sisters playing his personal teachers, he's been showing us that he is just needing more during the day.

Dropping him off was super easy.  While it was hard for me to leave him and know that for three hours on Tuesday and Thursday, I'll miss my guy and our little chats...I did love hearing him talk away about all that he was happy about for his first big day of school and all the questions he had about what was going to happen.  With Easton always being our little adventure bug...I did giggle when he asked if there's a principal at preschool and that he wouldn't be playing with any strangers at school.

I'm so happy for Easton and excited for him to share his fun personality with all his new friends at school.  Here's a little glimpse of Easton and his many fun faces that we giggle at during every family dinner.  It's all about remember all the fun sides of children.


Laura said...

Ahhh-dorable!!! His hair looks so light--must be all that time in the chlorinated new pool! ;)

NP said...

AHHHHH, our precious little angel!