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Friday, April 1, 2011

Since January, I've been a little absent from my blog...just taking time to enjoy the days with my kids!

It's officially April...and we are soaking up the sun! It's just a bit too hot for me...I'm a little scared for the summer.

Loved this little moment with Camryn today!

The kids were surprised with a face painting at their favorite restaurant today!
One more perk since last summer, is being able to be a larger part in my friend's life.

Even better that she's a part of my kid's life!

She's honestly the most selfless friend I know.
And yes, that is Cashlyn's outfit of choice! She's all about picking her own clothes lately....just one battle I'm not ready to fight! I do want her to love what she picks, no matter what other's think! She definitely has her own style!
LOVE this picture! Which is so typical of Easton when I want a picture with him. He's already at the stage where he sees my camera and runs.
Every now and again, he gives me a little moment and my heart melts!

*****edited to add: notice the missing part on Easton's right eyebrow....yep, he shaved that part off. I swear, that kid scares me. No matter how out of reach I put things, he finds a way!*****

Happy April everyone!


Laura said...

Just beautiful, Tami! Such touching images and words. ♥

Tami Proffitt said...

Thanks Laura! Hope your finding ways to stay cool these days!

Kara May said...

So fun! Love their spirits in these. Great captures. It was a HOT one today! Keep'em coming Tami :)

Tami Proffitt said...

Thanks Kara! I hope you and your family were poolside today!

NP said...

Of course I think these are all perfect! sounds like you had a fun day in spite of the heat. LYG, N