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Monday, March 28, 2011

These past couple weeks, my house has been taken over by the horrible flu season. Since last week, Easton and Camryn have had the stomach flu and a high fever. I wish it was just the 24 hour flu type...unfortunately, it was more like 4 days of misery for my babys. Also, why must the flu make it's debut in the middle of the night? Why?

Needless to say, I'm very behind in my housework and work. I'm now crossing my fingers the rest of us survive.

My blog is about to get really busy with me sharing a few of the past sessions that deserve some blogging goodness.

Here are the two sweetest sisters. I loved visiting with them during their vacation here from New York...like I wrote before. It was a joy seeing how much they've changed since their visit here last year.

Yep...I know! These girls are pure sweetness!

In the next day, I'll be setting off a disinfecting bomb in my house. If you see a big cloud of mist in the southeast valley...THAT would be me!


NP said...

Precious! I'm praying for NO MORE FLU BUGS in your home. LYG, N