Tax information

Friday, January 7, 2011

I've been meaning to post information regarding taxes all year. My goal for the new year is to actually blog what I'm intending to a reasonable amount of time.

This past year, I learned one huge thing about {TPT} transaction priviledge tax and photographic services. Basically, TPT has to be accessed on anything related with terms of session fees, products and digital files. Absolutely all of it.

An accountant had shared this with me last spring. I had a hard time believing it at first so I did some research of my own...and, yep, it's true.

Here's an article about taxes....

There is one thing that always gives me a pit in my stomach and makes me give a BIG sigh... taxes.

There is never anything fun about taxes.

On a more fun note...with the extra time I'm taking this year to be with my kids before my girls are off to kindergarten, I also started the 365 project by Becky Higgins.

I'm not thinking I'll be posting anywhere, just crossing my fingers that the pictures actually make it off my camera and into a lab. THAT alone is a big accomplishment.

I received my kit yesterday and love it already. It's so doable and realistic for me.

Project 365, here I come!


NP said...

Ugh ~ tax time ... no fun is right especially if you have a family AND small business. Way too many papers. Thank goodness for accountants who actually love their job :) I'm glad you also have something fun to think about ~ that 365 project. I'll start coming over to play with the kids while you attack the taxes. LYG, N