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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sessions with this family is always filled with laughs.

These girls and I just click...the only hard part during sessions with them is slowing down my mind to decide on which idea to go with.

Loved putting together this vision with them...they so get what I'm thinking!
Their little brother literally had us running almost the entire session. Literally, full blown running while my assistant and I were running into eachother just trying to keep up. I knew we had a workout going when I looked back at Mrs. Sonja and saw her putting her hair up. We definitely worked up a sweat, but it was SO worth it. Love this little man and the spunk that comes with him.
I know not sharing more on this blog is just about to put their mother over the edge...

And, yes...I still plan to be back with more of Mrs Sonja's kids.


NP said...

Too cute ~ reminds me of your three :) LYG, N