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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For me, the anticipation for this newborn session had been building up since his mother scheduled with me, but for his was years that they dreamed of welcoming their baby.

And the celebration was perfect, with several loved ones there to have a moment photographed with him.

Welcome sweet Baby're welcomed into a world where the love for you is neverending and each day, your parents are celebrating a wish come true.

My time with Baby B's family was priceless. I enjoyed getting to know his mother that was not only glowing but was an amazing assistant for me....and enjoyed a good laugh when she was pooped on, along with his father. Oh, the joys of a newborn session. When we get the unexpected gifts, it's wipe up and move on....while giggling through it all.

She is just as sweet as can be. And, just to add...she delivered Baby B less than two weeks prior to his session.

Joining in Baby B's session was his proud 6 year old cousin.

His darling 2 year old cousin...that kept me laughing and on my toes.
Along with his aunt, the mother of the proud older cousins.
The ultra sweet surprise was having both of his grandfathers there ... to be photographed together with Baby B.
This session was held less than two weeks after Baby B arrived. While this can seem very young to have a session, I want to assure you it is the prime time to photograph a newborn. Babies change so incredibly in the weeks after they's literally a blink of the eye that they change and before you know it, their newborn goodness has passed. After the past few newborn sessions where the baby was photographed within two weeks, I've heard from my clients how thankful that they took the time to schedule the session so early as the babies changed so much in the weeks following.

No matter how exhausted you may be, it's a stage that is a must to capture. And that is coming from me...the one who swears I looked like I took a brutal beating by a wiffle ball after I had my babies.

One of my biggest regrets is not scheduling a family session with all of us after I delivered Easton. I had a session with my twins, and while when I first saw my pictures I thought how tired I looked, questioned my wardrobe, and my hair.

Now, when I see my twin's family/newborn session...I don't see a glimpse of that. All I see is my husband and I beyond happy to have our baby girls with us. I haven't given a second look to how we looked.

Newborn sessions : priceless


NP said...

What beautiful pictures of a gorgeous family!!!! LYG, N