A glimpse into my weekend...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

After last weeks blog post... "most emotional rambling"... I've come to find out from a few friends that I should win the most emotional blog post award! Love it... And just to add, it felt sooooo good to write it all out. When I finished, I gave a big sigh and felt relief to get all my thoughts out.

Since then, my husband went out of town and I had two glorious nights alone with my babies. We spent loads of time with friends and went to one super fun birthday party for a friend.

The party was at a friend's home that is a dream for kids. It's typically filled with toads (which I swear were in hiding because they knew my daughter was on the hunt for them), butterflies and loaded with areas for exploring. Shortly after we got there, Camryn found a butterfly and quickly caught it. She said her butterfly was named Ella... I said, "oh Ella's a beautiful name." Camryn, "I know. It's because she's a girl." She just cracks me up.

When I told her I wanted to take a picture of her with Ella, she quickly told me she can't open her hands or her friend will fly away. So, image a cute little yellow butterfly hiding in my daughter's hands...probably terrified.
She was so happy... While I can't believe she caught it, I can believe it. She loves bugs and will chase one down until she gets it.
{I love Easton in the background...on the run like always}
My girlfriend gave Cam a baggy to keep it in and even poked holes for it because Camryn was worried it couldn't breath. It wasn't long until she convinced Cash and her friend to help blow more air in it.
These pictures were taken at an ISO of 3200...it was getting late and the light was disappearing. There is something about high ISO images that I just love...always have, always will.

By the end of the night, Cam also caught a lizard....ewwww! My girlfriend nailed it when she said she's exactly like Elmira Duff from the looney tunes. To say Camryn loves all God's creatures...gross, ugly and beautiful is a major understand. She lives to hold one and I secretly believe she wants to be one.

I just love these three girls together. The middle girl is the daughter to my husband's friend that he's known since they were babies and her mother is one of my girlfriends.

You wouldn't know it by this picture, but seconds before Cash was pouting because she wanted to catch a butterfly...thankfully my girlfriend was pure entertainment to get her smiling.

Ah, my little man. He is a wild thing I tell ya...he keeps me on my toes and makes me terrified. There isn't a thing he can't climb and is always off finding new things to climb up.

My weekend was perfect. And tomorrow is the big day... I really have no choice but to cut down my workload now as I have to be awake by 6 am to get my girls to preschool by 8:30. Tonight I didn't do so good..but my plan is to be in bed by 9:30 so that my girls can have all of me in the morning instead of a zombie. The only problem right now is I have no coffee pot....and I NEED coffee to live. Wish me luck on my first morning of my new schedule without coffee.

I want to thank all of my clients that have given me this time to give more of my attention to my family. And more importantly, for all the sweet emails, texts and calls with sweet words and kind advice. I've cherished each one of them.


NP said...

I LOVE all the pictures and can't wait to hear the stories of the first day of school! LYG, N