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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost a year ago, a client shared with me a very emotional story about a baby girl that was diagnosed with SMA (spinal muscular astrophy type 1). Shortly after, a session was scheduled to capture a family with their baby girl...baby Scarlett.

When Scarlett was diagnosed with SMA...her parents were told they had days, maybe weeks left with her. They were told that babies with SMA type 1 typically don't live past 8 months.

For me, hearing that from Scarlett's mother was heartbreaking...I couldn't begin to imagine what her family was facing or feeling. Each month was a birthday celebration...thankful for each month she fought the odds.

Since meeting Scarlett's family, I've been lucky to photograph her not only once but now three times. Scarlett's family didn't take hearing the news easily and instantly wouldn't accept it...they fought, they hit the pavement sharing their story, have raised funds for her medical expenses, gave their daughter a voice in what she's living with, and now are giving her the life she needs to live. But more importantly, supporting all the strength Scarlett has in fighting to be with us each day.

While SMA attacked her body, it's left her with a very weak immune system that is life threatening if she gets ill. Just in the past few months, Scarlett's battled illnesses that is heartbreaking to just hear she's dealt with. However, Scarlett fought each virus and won. She fought ... and fought hard. I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of her parents. More importantly, thankful for each day she fights to be here. She is an inspiration....at just 1 year old, she's a hero.
Sweet baby Scarlett is just starting teething. She already has a few teeth but the teething stretch has just begun. Scarlett is typically filled with smiles, now she's getting teeth. Ah, my mommy heart breaks and prays those teeth come in fast and don't give her too much pain.

The strength behind Scarlett's battle with SMA, type 1...her parents.

Celebrating Scarlett's birthday was the main reason for this session but also to include her grandparents in the session. They have been happily married for 48 years.

Scarlett and her mom. What a beautiful pair of girls.
During this session, there were several breaks where I could just watch Scarlett's mom care for her. All her mom wants is to give Scarlett a happy life. And she has done just that. She is an incredible mom. She reminds me of what a mother's heart is filled with. Love for her child. Complete and utter devotion to care for Scarlett. There is nothing more powerful than the love between a mother and her child. It's simply beautiful.


Meredith Nelson Photography said...

Ugh, I just cried at 6:14 AM. Beautiful girl, family and photos.

traci said...

an amazing post tami. thanks for sharing. a beautiful family inside and out. i can feel the love that they share.

sonya wenker said...

These are absolutely beautiful photos. God has blessed you and you should be so proud.

Jodie Allen said...

scarlett is absolutely gorgeous! thanks for sharing this sweet family tam!

NP said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!!! LYG, N

Anonymous said...

Thank you for capturing such amazing photos of their story.. They are incredibly strong people and are giving baby Scarlett an amazing life....

kristen kearns said...

Beautiful. Just takes my breath away.