It was FABulous! |Queen Creek Child Photographer

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today's shoot... was INCREDIBLE! It was filled with 4 of my favorite girls and their super adorable little guy. All cousins I have to add.

While I seriously...just came home, I couldn't resist processing afew.

And, for those that have a two year old know that they aren't exactly the biggest fans of staying still for a second to have their picture taken. This sweet little man had his mother exhausted and me cracking up.
{I kept having a flashback of my son's 1st year pictures}

The other entertainment of this age is the on and off feelings.

Here is Mr. H not groovin' too much on our ideas.

And then two seconds later...getting his groove on for a split second. Love this little man and love that I've been watching him grow since he was days old.

This one I couldn't resist processing...
Oh how I {heart} her.
While I have oodles more pictures calling my name, I'm up to my eyeballs in the latest and greatest of my family happenings. And while editing pictures is one of my favorite ways of procrastinating, they'll have to wait at least a few more hours.

But, I will add I had some time to catch up with an uber sweet girl that is strutting her cuteness in a new pair of glasses. Oh how I love when I am able to photograph this new stage. Just you wait for her.