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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last week was that kind of week....crazy busy and then ending with complete exhaustion.

The bulk of what we've been filling our days with is tackling and going through loads of this paperwork. The kind of paperwork that makes you feel like a rockstar with the endless signatures and initials needed. But when thinking of the paperwork, I just want to crawl into my son's crib in full fetal position.
Thankfully, through all the what nots of the stress last week...I have three cuties that make me laugh.

My baby...or I guess not so baby anymore...has a sweet tooth for oranges. It's pretty typical to find him walking with an orange in hand missing a huge chunk from the peel and him gnawing on it. After he gets the finger sweep and the orange taken away...he'll flash his HUGE smile and then run laughing. I'm thinking he thinks he's funny!

AND, yesterday I discovered Easton's figured out how to climb up on my bed. Which is pretty high off the ground I might add. After telling the girls to stop lifting him on the bed, my Cash told me they weren't that he's doing it by himself. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself.

Easton's changed nicknames from "chunk" to "monkey"!
Of course there's countless things I don't want to forget about my babies...but the sleepy eyes after they wake up is what I would love to learn how to bottle up. For now, I'll photograph them.
And, I even want to remember this sweet, sad look.
The other real sweetness getting me through the week. This little treasure from the Easter section in Target. Lucky for me, they were 3 for $5!

I'm not the hugest fan of Whoppers, but add the candy shell and they become the popcorn at my favorite movie! Thankfully I had a few friends over this week to share my sweetness and help spare me a few pounds from my BOOTY!

Let's just say...I've entered the 12 step program in resisting Sweet Tarts gummy ducks! And not to mention Starburst's jelly beans! I use to buy stock in those to get me through the spring when I was teaching.
Even when I'm running around trying to micromanage the laundry, dishes, meals and teeth brushing...sometimes I have to force myself to stop and giggle with my kids.

But, it's not too hard when they do the funniest things at just the right time.

Tonight when I was putting the girls to bed, Cam was begging to not go to bed. But then had me bursting in laughs when she got to her 4 year old defiant point.

Cam: Mom, I'm NOT going to sleep. I'm going to keep my eyes open all night.
Cash: But mom, sleep helps our body grow.
Me: That's right Cash. Cam, let me know how that works for you.
Cam: But mom, my room's just too small. I need a t.v. and a toilet!
Me: {Giggled outloud and didn't try to hide one second of it}

I couldn't even begin to think of what to say! Seriously, a t.v. and a toilet!
Then I thought of the 500 sq ft apartment I lived in when I was teaching. So, it is possible but maybe she'll have her dream in 20 years.

My Cam, she literally is a barrel of laughs. There is never a dull moment with her. She's my giggle maker, snuggle girl and all around everything perfect!

[side note: it's hard to believe these were taken almost a year ago! }

Now...while the 4's has brought on another level of independence. I honestly want to bottle it up...


Anonymous said...

I'm totally cracking up right now...I used to say those same type of things as Cam when Becky and I were teaching K together. When asked our wishes for the next year it actually DID include a toilet, large screened in porch area complete with building tools and materials, copy machine of course etc...(two great minds huh?) Papa enjoys seeing the pictures (and usually only knows what you write when I tell him the funny parts). While scrolling down for him before I had a chance to read anything, we came to the oranges and I told him that was Easton ~ we were laughing hysterically! Oy vey ~ I can't believe Easton gets up on your bed ~ YIKES. You made my morning before heading off to school!!!! LYG, N