Thursday, February 25, 2010

Well, where have I been! Let's just say this week has been the most exhausting week since I can remember last.

Here's little run down of what's gone on!

1. Two back to back days with well child Dr. visits filled with vaccines....still suffering two days after! WARNING: the 4 year visit is BRUTAL...brutal! And their arms are SORE!
*also one crying mommy during my twins visit, those vaccines kill me! Thankfully my husband was there for support

2. Started a new sports class for my twins

3. A YUMMY tamale dinner with friends
*tamales courtesy of the master maker of all mexican food...my FATHER!

4. one night where I got 4 hours of sleep...thanks to a couple girls who weren't feeling to good after vaccines! Needless to say, my day literally began at 4 am. My poor babies!

5. A FULL afternoon filled with tax preparations

6. A FULL afternoon going over fun PS stuff with a friend.

7. Dance class

8. Preschool registration

And here I am today....EXHAUSTED! I actually just woke up from sleeping with one of my girls! I'm cooked....like fried...can hardly keep my eyes open. And the worst part of this...I don't feel like I got anything done! Well, except for getting tax papers together...THAT was a huge check off my list!

And....of course a picture is in order!

And....while I can stand it...I've got two sweet surprises coming up! You're gonna love it!


Anonymous said...

Remember to breathe AND, what a sweet picture! LYG, N

Sonja said...

That smile is so beautiful!