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Monday, December 21, 2009

While the bulk of newborn sessions are spent on getting newborn portraits, I have to confess...my favorite time during newborn sessions is spent with the family. I've tried to spend the bulk of the time with newborns, but my heart is pulled towards family time.

This is the time that I think of how I would love to have the same pictures of myself with my parents. The time where parent's hearts are just swooning in love with their new babies. And this is exactly what this mother wanted to treasure...this fleeting time where her babies are welcomed.

And, I have to just mention my clients have the best bedrooms...filled with glorious light and sa-weet decor. When I saw this bedroom...I thought perfection. It's this room that gave me direction in how I processed each picture.
Oh, how I love this picture...their hearts and hands completely full.
On a personal note: This session made me miss these newborn days....but sadly not the newborn nights.
But, it did make me miss my babies.

I recently had lunch with one of my favorite photographer friends, Maggie and our assistant. When talking about this session, they asked me when baby number 4 was on the way. While my husband would fall flat on his face if we had more, my heart aches for more. Even though I get giddy happy at the thought of adding more, I'm not sure I could stop. I'm not sure that I could ever lose the feeling of wanting more. I think it's just a part of me. The part where I constantly long for one more. It's a craving that I could never satisfy.

I'm in heaven with my three...and I'm at peace with three. But my heart will always want one more.

After processing this session, I'm thinking I need to pull my twins newborn session out and post. Posting to not only show the sleep diet and horomonal rollar coaster I was on...but how teeny tiny my twins were. I'm ever grateful to my friend Allison for capturing this beautiful time in our lives. So, be warned...I'm going to get sappy with my blog scrapbook.

To the Green family...be prepared for your ridiculously large session to be shared soon!


NP said...

These are just beautiful Tami! Can't wait to see "our" girls again :) LYG, N

maggie said...

i LURVE you! can't wait to hang on our BIG trip. ;)