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Thursday, December 17, 2009

When I was contacted by an extremely sweet mom expecting twins wanting a newborn session...during my "vacation"...it wasn't a tough decision. It was a session I couldn't refuse. Why? One word...twins.

As a twin myself and mother of twins...I should say I have a super sweet spot for this duo. And capturing, in what I believe, the most beautiful time in a family. I love babies.

And I love super relaxed moms that are go with the flow.

When I met the new mom of twins, I'll be honest...I was jealous. She looked great. After I had my twins, I looked like I had been on a sleep diet for over a year. And not to mention the hormonal rollar coaster ride I was on.

While she claims it helps to have a night nurse, I believe it has a lot to do with her amazing attitude with babies. She is such a champ.

But what I didn't think she expected, was having her photographer hang around and looking like I was planning on joining them for dinner. I'll say again, newborn sessions take a long time. They require loads of patience. But every single second is worth it.

Now...time to get on with the pictures.

The proud big sisters.

And the adorable twins.

One perfect girl. One perfect boy.

As I read my reservation form for this family, I laughed as the mommy wrote about her baby boy being quite the mover. And her sweet girl being quite the mellow one.

Even in utero she had them pegged. Little mister E was all about running the show. He definitely had me work for his sleep. But little miss L was all snoozes...
On a personal note:
I have to give a huge shout out to my babies second mother...Auntie Kimi. She saved the day and took care of my babies during this shoot. While she had a doctor's appointment, she arranged her day to be with my babies. Their time with Kimi was filled with all things yummy...loads of tv and great food. She was a champ...when I arrived to her house I giggled as I found her family room barricaded with chairs to trap my little mover...whom wasn't a huge fan of sleeping while at her house. Shortly after leaving her house, I took Easton to the doctor as he just wasn't being himself. And, to my surprise...he has a double ear infection. That makes 7 in his first year. My poor baby.

I am so thankful for good friends that help me when I'm on a shoot at the last minute.


sportzmom said...

I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the twins sleeping. I have boy-girl twins and they were like this all the time. At 8, they still snuggle and touch each other all the time! I so wish I had a shot like this of them as newborn babies! Great work! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! They were lucky enough to get a "salt and pepper" set of twins just like you :) LYG, N

Betsy Jo Photography said...

I love your site; found you through a comment you left somewhere. I'm a mom of 6 y/o boy/girl twins, and these images bring back so many beautiful memories. Your photography is gorgeous!