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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The location I photographed at is overflowing with treasures...but, what one person might see as junk is one person's treasures. AND a diamond to a photographer.

The owner of this location views each of his pieces as treasures, and I completely share in his pride and joy. This is a location that I love, that I dream of and pray I get to hold sessions there more. I always giggle though...when I describe it to others, it can sound scary so...I like that from this session I have oodles of pictures to share that showcases how each inch of this location is beyond cool.

And believe me...several times during this shoot...I totally ran in place while giggling. Let me tell you, I get fired up photographing here. Like maniac fired up!

The owner of this location is a pro at restoring old cars...the cool vintage kind. This is a recent car that he restored and showed in the Pinetop car show. I was proud to be able to photograph it and see it when it was shown in Pinetop. It is B E A Utiful!

There is also an amazing bus there...that has been on this property for over 20 years. How cool is it?
Along with this ultra cool truck.

And this too die for car.
I'm beyond excited...that I have another shoot here on Saturday. I can hardly wait to go back!

If your anticipating a session with me...and you like this location...let me know!


SloneFamily said...

Ok, Just stop! I am now Craving a sweet picture of Clint and I for above our Bed... like times ten million. Hmmmmmm... let's see what we can do, maybe after the holidays! Keep doing what you do Tami... seriously this is how you get customers beacsue someone like Me just pictures themself in a picture like this and Drools! You are absolutely amazing :) Go Girl.

Anonymous said...

OK, obviously I'm behind on my stalking but I LOVE ALL of these pictures. The couple is DAR~LING and the colors, light, and "stuff" are fabulous! LYG, N

Anonymous said...

I want this one! ! ! T.