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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh my...the gorgeous creations by the fabulous Joyce of Cricket Creations is amazing! To view her etsy shop...which you MUST stop in...go HERE.

I was so excited to finally have time to photograph her hats on one SUPER cute little girl! cute is she and THAT hat!

And this simple, yet super sweet cream hat.

Joyce personally creates each hat herself. She has gorgeous colors to choose from...and is amazing in her customer service.

Anyone that crochets amazes me...the details in each! hands hurst just thinking about it.

If you are a photographer looking for a sweet detail to add to your MUST pop in her shop! If you're a mom looking for a cute hat...again, you MUST stop by her shop!

I can't wait to share with you more of her gorgeous hats....those are yet to come!

And when you sure to tell Joyce hi for me! And just in case you missed the link to her sight...go HERE.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are amazing. I think your little model LOVES the hats! LYG, N

Jodie Allen said...

ADORABLE!!! How did you get that gig? :) I want to photograph for a talented hat ARTIST! :) Does she need help with newborn hats? HA!

Tami Proffitt said...

ha jod...cracking me up! considering you're a big time volleyball photographer!

Sarah Shah Portraits said...

Those ARE adorable! Love that first one.