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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today I met yet another incredible family...incredible to the point that I literally had tears in my eyes by the end of it as they have such a beautiful love with eachother. There will definitely be more on them later.

For now...all my blog readers, you are going to laugh when you hear about this.

So, as I was getting ready for a shot...I had quickly looked to see what was behind me before walking backwards...but then as I was taking a few steps back my foot caught on a horseshoe sand pit wall and I fell...fell on my squishy tushy! What's funny is when I felt myself falling, the first thing I thought of was my camera. I didn't think of what I could be landing on...just protect my camera. I barely missed the metal thing that the horseshoe goes around...bwah ha ha ha!

If you're laughing at me right know, I'm laughing right along with you. Now I know I'm not the most coordinated type but seriously...I'm beginning to think this sleep deprivation is starting to affect my spacial reasoning! Seriously...!

The best part is when I gave my usual call home as I drove off...I bragged about this fabulous session and then I told him what I did. His first question..."You fell in front of everyone? Holy crap Tami!" Then we both laughed. I'm sure if I was in person with him, he would have totally been laughing while shaking his head at me. I swear I am such a spas at times!

But in the end...this session is ranked as one of my sweetest sessions.

Here is just one example of why I loved this session...they were up for anything. At the end I asked who would be up for a family picture in the pool...and within seconds, I saw socks coming off, jeans getting rolled and they were slowly trying to adjust to the cold water...but all this with smiles.
And the family dog...the dog that really completes this family. Right when I saw her, I thought of our dog that passed away a year ago and my heart melted into her eyes.
To the H family...I LOVE you guys! I'll be anxious to get started on your session.

To my readers, I hope you have something to laugh about right when you need it. Just imagine me...the spas photographer falling right on her squishy tushy and having a family I just met, sweeping me off my bum! Good times I tell ya!

Now just you wait for more sneak peeks of this family...and yes, I only photograph the sweetest and funniest families!


Jessica N. said...

Oh Tami - Nothing like an ice breaker to start a session! Glad you (and your Nikon) are OK!

SloneFamily said...

Thats awesome Tami! For some reason I can so see it!! IT's funny how it is so much harder to fall when you're older. Our kids do it all day long, but when it happens to us... its hilarious but a little traumatizing at the same time :)

Anonymous said...

OK, first of all I want to thank that wonderful family for helping you up as well as being thankful that you didn't impale yourself on that metal about owies. I also can just picture the whole event in my mind. I love the pictures and look forward to seeing more. LYG, N