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Friday, October 23, 2009

....eyes that deserve a shoot of their own. This little beauty was definitely blessed with amazing, stunning eyes...ah, the kind I would sell a few limbs for!

And not to mention her flawless skin...whom by the way she received this beautiful feature from her mother. At the end of this shoot, I asked her mother if she would like to get in a few. I had to giggle when she wanted to bow out gracefully because she wasn't wearing make up. Um yeah...if my skin looked like that without would NEVER see me with makeup. Totally green with envy on that one...

{insert SO not a salesman....} But...but...I have to add that there are few pictures I see and think hands down a gallery wrap is the best and ONLY presentation this picture is worthy of. The black and white one of those few.

Lastly, the beauty of a "soon to be" 2 year old...always on the move. I love the getting ready to bolt moments!

On a personal note...I came home from a very loooooong day out that started with a nasty headache to an email that filled my eyes with tears. Filled my eyes because it was a reminder of why I love my job, why I love my clients and why I'm thankful that each of them welcome me into their lives as their photographer. They trust me with their family, their memories and my wackiness that pretty much soaks up their session.

This is the good life...and I'm thankful for the little moments that come just when they're needed. Thank you for reminding me how good life really is.


Sarah said...

That first one is stunning, Tami!

Anonymous said...

I could barely take my eyes off this precious little darling. LYG,N

The Toenjes Family said...

You are too right about her eyes...WOW!