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Monday, October 26, 2009

Today was a bitter sweet was the day my last true obsession...
turned 10 months old.

Who? What? Where? When? and this happen so fast?

My Easton is such a happy baby. He's incredibly content doing whatever...and he's almost just too easy.

He loves, like utter infatuation, loves his sisters. He can hear them from one side of the house and he will hunt them down. He'll stop, look in the direction he hears their voice from, crawls, stops and listens, crawls some more and then goes at mach speed after them. Once he finds them, it's pure giddy giggles at first sight.

Here he is at exactly 10 months old. During what he loves, taking his bath and actually starting to scare me. Standing by himself in his bath...eek!

{all pictures shot at ISO 2000, 35 mm, f2 SS 200}

Oh, I could squish him, squeeze him and then smother him with kisses.

I have one fear right now...that I'll be THAT mom. The mom that is glued to her baby or still has her baby in a Gerber onsie at 3 years old. Because I can't let go of his baby stage. And, there are times that in my twisted, obsessed mommy mind I try to envision the oddness of me keeping my 5 year old in a diaper because I simply can't let go. I know, twisted weird but I swear, my obsession does it to me. There has got to be medication for my warped mind.

And my other growing baby girls. I recently came across this picture from a park playdate a few weeks ago...and my heart went beating wild just looking at it. My Cam and a friend she just loves. And this little friend, just happens to be the daughter of my girlfriend of 18 years.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, what sweet pictures. I can't believe how easily Easton is standing in the tub without holding on in the first picture. OK, just so you know I WON'T let you get to that point of Easton in a diaper at 5 :) LYG, N

Anonymous said...

Oh Tami, those pics of your little man are great! He is such a beautiful little man! Just keep soaking in all the moments and take a gazillion pictures so you won't forget a thing! Ro

Anonymous said...

SOOOO Precious!!!!

: )

Betsy King