What a pair!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here is an adorable set of twins I recently photographed. I had a blast playing with these two and following them around. As a mother, I thought I would never forget the hardest days as a parent of twins...one of them being when they both began walking. Well, I forgot...and these two quickly reminded me how a mother of twins has no time to sit.

They were full of energy and uninhibited spirit. This little guy was all personality...and nonstop!

This little miss is very similar to my oldest twin. She is very passionate about her feelings. For the first half of the session, she kept looking at me and my camera trying to figure us out. Once her parents disappeared...she was all smiles and I made a new best friend. By the way, check our her rockin' red shoes! I'm thirty...uh-hmmm...something, and I don't even have red shoes! She has great taste.
Oh the joy of twins! The energy is nonstop.
I can't finish this post without giving a huge thanks to their parents. The entire session was laid back and they let me do my camera thing.