Today is the last day...

Friday, February 8, 2008 girls will be one year old! As of tomorrow, my girls will be two! Where has the time gone? Why do I feel like they went from babies to kids in a blink? Until recently, there was never a time that my husband and I couldn't still see the baby in them... Now, we keep saying they are kids and seem so grown up? This past week, we have spent hours reliving their younger days! We have laughed at what we thought parenthood would be like and relish in what parenthood is. We remember how long we waited for children and are forever thankful for the wait. The long wait brought us our two amazing, beautiful and spirited daughters. They are ever so different in looks and personality but without them, are home would be empty. It is now filled with giggles, pitter patter of little feet, calls for eachother, flailing arms, cries of anguish because they have to share, holding hands, kissing, hugging and saying "I love you sissy." While the status of their feelings for eachother is ever changing...I am thankful they will never be alone and always have eachother.

These last few evenings the girls have spent outside with their father. They love helping him in the garage and watching for our neighbor's kids to come outside. The neighbor to our south has a small tribe of boys...5 to be exact...ranging from 2-11! They are all adorable and the girls love watching and playing with them. One of their little boys adores my girls! The poor kid was attacked with hugs. My girls could follow him all day long!

Here is my oldest twin! She is my shy, quiet one! She is full of energy and spirit. She was the first to smile at 5 weeks old and rarely made a sound as a baby. These days she loves following her sister, often in awe of her...but is clear she likes to keep a safe distance from her. She is a total mommy's girl! I often hear that she strongly resembles me. Which is good for me since I think she's beautiful! :)

Here is my youngest twin! She is my mover and shaker! At birth she was ready to grow up...she always has something to do and say. The only time she can be found still and quiet is when she's reading her favorite books. She is addicted to television and even finds the news entertaining. Yikes! She is a total love bug and is often found trying to hug, kiss and play with her sister. She gets all her good looks from her father. I love her gorgeous blue eyes.

I was a bit long winded on this post so thanks to those who stuck around to the end!


Maggie said...

Love the story about your girls and parenthood. They are adorable! Happy Bday little ladies!