My currrent love list

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have a wonderful friend who wrote a love list on her blog which inspired me to think about one and write one. You can view hers here at
Here is mine in no specific order.

1. I love my husband for teaching me tolerance, being optimistic, and forgiveness. And love his amazing blue eyes.
2. I love my daughter's contagious giggle. I love that no matter how I feel, I smile when I hear it.
3. I love my daughter's curiousity. I love her constant need to learn and explore the matter how gross it may be.4. I love my twin sister (yes, I have an identical twin). I love her constant feelings of protection for me and her unconditional love for my girls. She is their second mommy! Auntie mama as she calls herself.
5. I love that I have a handful of friends that give me continual blessings through their listening ears, shoulders for me to cry on, constant forgiveness for my flaws, always making me laugh and their gifts of friendships.

6. I love the newness of spring. The newness that comes after the cold weather. It reminds me that beautiful things come from cold times.

7. I love my mother. My mother has been an example in taking care of others and forgiving others faults. And most importantly loving unconditionally.

8. I'm in love with my father for how he has been an example of learning from our mistakes and being a better person because of these lessons.

9. My brother, whom I love for his loyalty and dedication to our great country. He is currently serving in Iraq.

10. And to my inspiration for this post...My friend Lolly, my one and only roommate. I love how she is following her dream and calling by going on a mission for her church. I especially love how she can slack off the little, meaningless things like dishes throughout the house.

11. Last and definitely not least, my close friend Lauren. I love her zest for life. I love her courage to take on each day despite her challenges. She is one of the reasons I am who I am today. She has taught me patience and when to say enough is enough. She taught me how to appreciate the little things in life that I often take for granted. And I love how she has remained a friend for 13 years.


maggie said...

Very touching and heartfelt. I really like this idea. :)