A big thanks!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last October, I finally took the leap and began photographing beyond my tight circle of friends, family and few clients. Here I am months later, trying to keep up with scheduling new clients. I've learned what is too much, what is just right and what is not enough to keep my creative appetite fed. That sentence makes me feel like I'm living in a Goldilocks and the Three Bears story.

But one lesson I learned fast... is that I receive continual blessings and compliments from my clients and they are my business. When my clients are happy, I smile. Since October, they have kept me smiling. They are not only my business, they are my marketers as well. So I had this fantastical idea. My clients need some serious payback and a huge thank you. I've since began my referral incentive program. Here is how it works...
Each client will receive a $25 referral credit for each referral they send me and completes a portrait session. The referral credits can be used towards a session fee or print products. Now here's a "HOT" cd promotion....for all those CD lovers. When a client accumulates 5 referral credits, they will be able to purchase the CD without a minimum order for $150.

I want to send a big thanks to all of you who appreciate my photography style and sharing me with your family and friends.

And since posts are never fun without pictures, here are a few for your viewing pleasure. As I've written earlier, I have a ginormous (yes, that's a word) amount of favorites from my sessions. I pulled these from my archives and still find myself loving them.

Here is sweet, sweet Miss "M." It took a short time with her to realize she is light years ahead of her time. She loved working for my camera...actually it wasn't work for her at all. Here is Miss "A." This was a portrait from her one year session. Her personality is the cherry on top of another perfect chocolate sundae.
Miss "C." How could anyone not love this picture. This was taken minutes before she was singing "Zzzzzzz's" in her sleep.
I couldn't say enough about this man. I can say I was blessed to be able to take his portrait and capture is zainy personality. His daughter set this session up and I couldn't think of a better person to photograph than a girl's father.