Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Melissa Jill! This photographer totally rocks in wedding photography and sharing with other photographers.

It was totally random how I met her...through her blog. Yes, I am one of her blog stalkers...which can be scary to meet someone off the internet. But from reading her blog, I knew she was a one of kind person. Totally real...and sweet!

She has such an eye for capturing MOMENTS at a wedding. Her pictures always astound me and leave me wishing I invested more in my own wedding portraits. Your wedding portraits is the best place to invest.

She is very generous in her how to photograph and all the knowledge she aquired in her growth of becoming a successful wedding photographer. What blew me away even more, is how young and successful she is for being in such a competive industry.

If you get chance, you have to check out her website and blog. The link to her is on the left side of my blog.


Melissa Jill :) said...

Wow--thanks Tami!! You are super sweet! I've really enjoyed getting to know you!